Black masterbatches

Polyolefin group

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PLASBLAK PE2727, PE2824,
РЕ6281, РЕ4637

Black masterbatches is a concentrate of black pigment in a polymer matrix with a different percentage of pigment from 20% to 50% (fine carbon black).


Name Information Name Information
PLASBLAK PE2727 Download PLASBLAK PE2824 Download
PLASBLACK РЕ6281 Download PLASBLACK РЕ4637 Download


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    News of Taycoon company

    Since December, the assortment for our customers on Cabot products is expanding. A new PLASTBLAK PE 6285 dye on a polyethylene basis comes out on the market, which is recommended for extrusion and compounding. The percentage of soot is 55%. At the same time, a special kind of soot allows to reduce the investment of masterbatch by 2 times in comparison with competitors. Particularly in demand this concentrate when working on secondary materials, as high opacity clogs all the shortcomings of secondary materials (yellowness, non-melting, inclusions).