Color masterbatch

We bring color to the polymer which can
to bring the product to life


Color dyes from the company Taycoon are produced in accordance with the available range or are developed at the request of the customer as soon as possible in accordance with the international color catalogs RAL, PANTONE, or under the customer’s color standard, taking into account the operating conditions of the finished products.

Development of our company

Taikun company develops colors for coloring products made by methods of:

  • Injection molding-garden furniture, cosmetics, toys, household utensils;
  • Blow molding barrel, containers, bottles;
  • Masterbatches for the pipe industry and extrusion-films, sheets, cables, pipes;
  • Materials that we will help to decorate: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PA, ABS, PC, SAN, PET, PBT, POM.

We manufacture technologically sophisticated colors: metallic with various shades color chameleon, translucent, fluorescent, pearlescent colors.
We are distinguished by high quality, prompt selection, color consistency from batch to batch.


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    About company

    We constantly monitor new discoveries, optimize processes using advanced equipment. Our highly qualified technicians create innovative products according to the market requirements. On the basis of our scientific and technical center, we simulate almost all the main processes of polymer processing. This opens up the possibility to control the quality of concentrates and develop new products with high accuracy and efficiency.