Packing mesh

Used for packaging, production
and protection.

упаковка продуктов

Mesh sleeve for packaging of vegetables and fruits

the Mesh sleeve is designed for packing vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits weighing up to 7 kg. Softness and strength allow you to save the goods from the moment of packaging to the moment of opening by the end user. The grid can be used both in manual and automatic packaging. Extruded mesh sleeve made of polyethylene fiber of different colors is specially designed for packing garlic. The elasticity and strength of the mesh allows to keep the shape of the packaged goods during transportation and until the end user opens it.

колбасная упаковка

Mesh sleeve for sausage casing corrugation

Our company has developed special nets for corrugation of sausage casings. Width of meshes corresponds to the caliber of the manufacturers of shells. Individual approach to each manufacturer guarantees high quality of packaging. Specifications: sleeve width-190 mm, tensile strength – > 390H, maximum elongation-130%, the inner diameter of the spool-50mm.

оболочка ирушек

Mesh sleeve for toy packaging

Important features of nets for packaging toys are strength, elasticity, hygienic safety. It is possible to select the color and grid parameters for a specific toy or a set of them. It is made by means of high-pressure extrusion method, from a polymer material, due to which, such a mesh has good mechanical characteristics. A variety of sizes allow you to pack a grid as a small pyramid, and a large truck.

Specialists of the company Taycoon will pick up on your request the most suitable option of production of a grid.


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    Protective mesh sleeve for glass containers, bottles and furniture

    Polymer mesh is the cheapest packaging material to protect glass containers from fighting and chipping. Selection of the thickness of the thread and its color will also create a great decorative effect. In many cases, life is necessary to protect the product from mechanical damage, and this is perfect extruded mesh sleeve. The grid is used to protect furniture accessories, various shafts.

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    Various applications

    The grid perfectly protects bottles and cylinders from impacts and friction. It is a more economical option compared to plastic bags, can be reused. Protective mesh can be made in different colors.
    The correct selection of the formulation of polymers, cell size and, of course, the color shade of the grid allows us to provide manufacturers of washcloths with quality material for any configurations of washcloths.
    To protect the filters very well suited mesh sleeve. In addition to the filter protection, the mesh can have any color for easy identification of the filter.