White masterbatches

White polyethylene masterbatch for the production of
films, injection and extrusion products.

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PLASWITE ® PE7024 is a high-filled white masterbatch designed to fill high-quality films, injection molding and extrusion products. This product is suitable for use in a variety of plastic products in contact with food.

Physical property

Name Value Test method (*)
Polymer PE
Pigment 40% titanium dioxide
Compatibility LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, copolymers of ethylene
Specific weight at 23 С 2000 kg/m3 СТМ Е023
ПТР (2,16 кг/190 С) 11 g/10 min CTM E005 (ISO 1133)

(*) The tests are performed according to Cabot test methods, which are based on international standards. These test results should not be used as specifications, these are typical values given for information.


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    Method supplements, addition levels

    PLASWITE®PE7024 designed for easy inclusion and homogeneous mixing, therefore we introduce a direct addition using automatic dosing units or for pre-mix. The amount of masterbatch depends on the requirements of the final product. The standard level of addition varies from 1 to 5 %.


    PLASWITE®PE7024 comes in the form of granules (pellets) in bags 25 kg. Should be stored in a dry place.